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We are a small but dedicated company focused on delivering only the best results for our clients.

Once upon a time, there were two keen business tech heads who wanted to solve problems. They came together and discussed shared observations about business challenges and decided to solve some of them.

They saw that many business information systems were complex and were not designed with the end user / franchisee in mind. Worse still they often did not increase the value of franchisees and franchisors businesses.

The FranchiseCare database has been designed from day one with a view to ease of use for all service based business systems. From pool care, to lawn mowing, window cleaning to mobile car care. Talk to us about your needs.

Application Support

Our team are available to support your franchise network with all their day to day issues with the software and installed apps.

Security and privacy

The data and all content are all automatically backed up on our servers so you don’t have concern your self with internal backups. We have also secured all the data with SSL HTTP data encryption. Due to our closed systema nd data the security of it is at the hisghest ensure your franchise owns the data and there is now sharing of this data to others


FranchiseCare  is a result of years of feedback from beta testing in customers business and within their franchise networks to ensure it works and meets their needs. We will work with you to provide you relevant modules and information to help you grow and add value to your business.


Fill out our form or pick up the phone and communicate with our team and we can dicuss your franchise business needs and see if there is a fit with our system

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