FranchiseCare iPad app

FranchiseCare iPad app allows to run business; without the need for internet

Fast interactive fully featured management system

FranchiseCare is not modular software; it is a fully integrated cohesive cloud software solution.

Multi-level CRM

Out of the box FranchiseCare has been designed to allow information and access control in multi-level businesses and franchise systems

Full newsletter access

Quality communication has been a key to success and so we have brought this to the forefront of the users world by providing direct access to the newsletters on dashboards and main menus

Document Library

FranchiseCare lets you load documents, manuals, updates and information into a dedicated secure library vault

Cloud based solution

Our Australian based servers are covered by seven layer security and of cause we comply with all relevant Australian Privacy Legislation.

Back up online 24 hours/7 days

With the backend servers in the cloud we are continually providing real-time back up to your data. If there are any issues with our servers or databases then we can rollover to the backup and alternate servers to ensure we provide the highest level of data and site uptime.

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Secure data

In this day of cloud based software one of the biggest concerns of users is the security and access to data. We have many hurdles for want to be hackers to access our system that we have put into place. The data encryption has been of the key areas to ensure people cannot access our data.

Offline usage on iPad allowing “dark spot” access

When you use the iPad app, you take your data with you. Don’t worry about poor mobile networks in your area or working in inconvenient out of the way places such as in the basement of a building, FranchiseCare will still work. Just connect to your home or office Wi-Fi on a regular basis to ensure that you are up to date – and you don’t need an expensive data plan to have you business with you at all times.