See how FranchiseCare works

Pricing of FranchiseCare is based upon a monthly subscription

The pricing of our cloud based software is based upon a monthly subscription paid by the Franchisee to the Franchisor, then payable to FranchiseCare.

Head office fees from $100 with optional support and hosting

Setup and configuration   POA

Monthly fees for each franchisee business $39/month/franchise

iPad Application  $89 once off for each user

FranchiseCare featured modules

CRM System

Customer Management including detailed location or sub customer items. Customer history (etc.)

Booking System

Add/Edit/Delete Bookings, Active Bookings, Completed/Cancelled Bookings, Recurring Bookings

Calendar Management

Day/Week/Month/Year Views, Agenda Views, Drag Drop events

Inventory Management

Place Orders to Franchisors, Inwards Goods, Stock in hand calculation

Income/Expense Management

One off Income, One Off Expense, Income/Expense Categories, Recurring Incomes/Expenses


Booking Reports, Service Reports, Customer Reports, Income/Expense Reports, Profit/Loss Statements, Tax Reports


Interactive discussion forum with administrator rights to moderate posts

All these features and modules for just

Just some of the many features

Cloud based

Our Australian based servers are covered by seven layer security and of cause we comply with all relevant Australian Privacy Legislation.

Back up online 24 hours/7 days

With the backend servers in the cloud we are continually providing real-time back up to your data. If there are any issues with our servers or databases then we can rollover to the backup and alternate servers to ensure we provide the highest level of data and site uptime.

Secure data

In this day of cloud based software one of the biggest concerns of users is the security and access to data. We have many hurdles for want to be hackers to access our system that we have put into place. The data encryption has been of the key areas to ensure people cannot access our data.

Offline usage on iPad allowing “dark spot” access

When you use the iPad app, you take your data with you. Don’t worry about poor mobile networks in your area or working in inconvenient out of the way places such as in the basement of a building, FranchiseCare will still work. Just connect to your home or office Wi-Fi on a regular basis to ensure that you are up to date – and you don’t need an expensive data plan to have you business with you at all times.