Terms & Conditions

PLEASE NOTE: By placing and receiving an order from FranchiseCare Pty Ltd – you agree to these conditions.

General Terms

These terms and conditions apply to the sale of goods and services offered by the Vendor (FranchiseCare Pty Ltd in this document) and all offers made by FranchiseCare Pty Ltd in relation to FranchiseCare Pty Ltd’ goods and services – unless varied, amended or cancelled by an Officer or other duly authorised representative of the FranchiseCare Pty Ltd. This may occur in specific contractual arrangements with Federal, State or corporate clients.

The Vendee accepting goods/services from FranchiseCare Pty Ltd is deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions contained herein by placing an order with FranchiseCare Pty Ltd. FranchiseCare Pty Ltd failure to object to any term or condition contained in any communication, whether written, electronically or oral, from the Vendee, shall not mean those conditions/terms are accepted.

Product Delivery: Unless otherwise specified, terms of trade are ex-warehouse or by electronic delivery. Property and risks in goods pass to the Vendee at the time of payment to FranchiseCare Pty Ltd. The Vendee may at his option, collect the goods from these premises or arrange freight on his own behalf. Alternatively, freight will be arranged on the Vendee’s behalf by FranchiseCare Pty Ltd. There will be no freight charge if delivery is made electronically.

The customer shall indicate the desired freight method. Should the account fall beyond trading terms, such goods may be reclaimed by FranchiseCare Pty Ltd as payment in kind to the outstanding balance amount. In the case of software, the software shall be on a user prepaid basis. Should the user fail to keep a current up to date account, use of the software can be suspended with seven (7) days’ written notice.

Special Contracts – These conditions apply except when the customer has signed a special agreement with the company – this may exclude various clauses within this agreement. All Terms within this agreement are subject to the Federal/State laws of Australia.

Delivery Time Frame And Conditions Of Delivery And Shipping Costs Conditions

Once payment has been made, please allow 3-5 working days to receive your product in Australia via an allocated FranchiseCare Pty Ltd courier company. Costs will be based on freight costs plus 15% account management and packing fee.

Account Status

All software accounts will operate on a prepaid basis i.e., payment will be collectged in advance via a monthly direct debit facilitiy.

Credit cards may attract an additional fee of 2.5% on ex tax invoice price.

Trading Application

Where customers (non-govt) trade continually with FranchiseCare Pty Ltd a Trading Application must be completed. The Vendee’s completion of the Trade Account Application shall be deemed an authority for FranchiseCare Pty Ltd to check trade references as the Vendee has indicated on said form. A credit account will only be considered after the relevant information has been supplied to FranchiseCare Pty Ltd. An application for a credit account does not necessarily mean a credit account will be granted immediately.


Should be made to FranchiseCare Pty Ltd:
When completed please advise FranchiseCare Pty Ltd Accounts Department.
Email: accounts@FranchiseCare.com.au
Phone: 03 98265266

Please provide accounts with these payment details:
1. Invoice number (s) if known
2. Your PO
3. Name
4. Type of Card if applicable
5. Number of Cards
6. Expiry Date
7. Amount including FREIGHT (if applicable) and GST – TOTAL AMOUNT PAID

Credit Card Policy

All credit card payments will be subject to the below charges except for:

The associated surcharge will apply as follows; Visa & Mastercard 2.5%, American Express 4.5%.

Dishonour Cheque Fee

Any direct deposits not honoured by the bank either shall attract a fee of twenty five  dollars ($25) each time.

Terms for Payment

Payment of accounts for good delivered shall be made within the terms offered by FranchiseCare Pty Ltd whether on a “cash before delivery” or credit basis. Terms will be offered based on credit limit or payment term dates. Where the order is paid for electronically, all endeavours shall be made to ensure the confidentiality of such payment details from the name of the user, the amount of the invoice and the credit card number offered. No liability is held should the card be utilized by another person representing himself or herself as the owner of offered credit card.

No credit terms are offered in the case of the usage of FranchiseCare software. All software fees must be paid in advance on the first day of each month.

Invoice Dispute

Where any part of an invoice is in dispute, the balance not in dispute will be paid in accordance with account terms. Any disputed amount must be documented in writing with proof of receipt of this document confirmed in writing.

Quotation Period

Unless otherwise specified by FranchiseCare Pty Ltd in writing/electronically at the time of quotation, all written quotations are valid for a period of 14 days from the date of the quotation.

Internet Quotations shall specify the quotation period applicable for the Net normally 14 days (14). FranchiseCare Pty Ltd must be notified in writing of any change of address and /or ownership. FranchiseCare Pty Ltd bears no responsibility for shipments of goods to an incorrect delivery address where there has been no communication regarding delivery address changes.


Prices are subject to change without notice or obligation unless there are specific contract price conditions with the client. Such changes may be applied due to currency fluctuations or stock shortages. In the case of software; changes in prices can be increased based on CPI and market conditions on an annual basis; each 1st of July .

Orders for catalogue /Internet goods are binding only when accepted by FranchiseCare Pty Ltd. Freight charges on the supply of goods shall be applicable unless specific contractual binding terms apply.

If a customer cancels an order in writing after FranchiseCare Pty Ltd has accepted the order Vendee may simply cancel the order. If FranchiseCare Pty Ltd has begun to order, supply or manufacture, the Customer will agree to pay a cancellation fee of 20% of the cost of the ex tax sell price of the goods. If the goods have already shipped the Vendee must action through discussion with FranchiseCare Pty Ltd re the situation.

Internet & Your Privacy

The company will endeavour to service you in every way. By accessing FranchiseCare Pty Ltd’ Internet Site there is information that you may offer to the company about your business activities. FranchiseCare Pty Ltd shall only use that information as part of this company’s business operation. The company will not pass information outside this business. Your security when using a credit card shall be maintained through encryption standards. If you choose not to pay this way please call, fax or e-mail and we will assist you. Please view the Internet Home page for further information relating to Internet use i.e. Copyright and Privacy.

Errors and Credits

In the case of errors on the Invoice/or in delivery, FranchiseCare Pty Ltd must be notified within 3 business days of invoice whether they are short shipments in delivery, damaged goods, or discrepancies in the ordered specification. This must be done in writing and must be acknowledged by FranchiseCare Pty Ltd.

No credits for overcharges or returned stock shall be accepted outside the terms.

Credit Return Contact Details

When returning goods please contact your local sales team or telephone, fax or email for a Credit Return Authorisation (CRA) Number or contact Sales in Melbourne.
1. Phone: 03 9826 5266
2. Email: accounts@FranchiseCare.com.au

Please provide the following details to them:

  1. Account name/number
    2. Contact name / number
    3. Invoice No / Date
    4. Item and Qty
    5. Value Ex GST
    6. Total Value Ex GST
    7. Reason for return

CRA Numbers will be issued within 24 hours from customer request for a return. Goods returned not clearly marked with the appropriate credit return authorisation number or in an unsatisfactory condition may be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.

FranchiseCare Pty Ltd Return Address to be advised. Please return goods with the Return Authorisation on the goods.

All goods being returned to FranchiseCare Pty Ltd for credit must be in resaleable condition (i.e unused and in the original packaging). Goods returned for credit will be charged a 20% restocking fee (of the cost of the ex tax sell price of the goods ) if they are not returned within 7 days from the invoice date No Hard disk, RAM, CPU or SOFTWARE accepted for return.

Refunds shall be a credit on account of applicable invoice in the case of credit account customers or through cheque/electronic payment to the Vendee where the account is CBD.

All goods being returned to FranchiseCare Pty Ltd are to be sent at the Vendee’s expense.

Goods that are found to be fault free will be returned to the customer at their expense and may attract a service fee of $45 depending on the item


In the case of the supply of goods, FranchiseCare Pty Ltd works with many international brand name products. The warranty in these cases are the specific manufacturers warranties as offered internationally. It is advisable to check the international manufacturer’s individual warranty conditions when purchasing. Vendors’ websites may carry all warranty information.

Warranty and On-Site Service

Process – Call Customer Service through the Help Desk

Our National Australian Help Desk is located at our head office in Prahran VIC and can be contacted between M – F (8 am to 6.30 pm- excl. Public Holidays)
1. Ph: 03 9826 5266 (for callers outside of Melbourne)
2. Fax: 03 9514 9696
3. Email: support@FranchiseCare.com.au – CARLO – THIS NEEDS TO BE SET UP ANYWAY FOR USE BY Blue Wheelers AND Dash DogWash

Extended support hours are optionally available 24 x 7 to software customers only.

If you want to log a support issue  please do so within the tickets system within our software.

After hours and weekend software support marked as urgent may incur a fee based on time. If greater than $200 + GST, a quote may be issued upon written request within the afterhours ticket.

Return – Courier

All goods being returned to FranchiseCare Pty Ltd are to be sent at the Vendee’s expense. However, goods purchased from FranchiseCare Pty Ltd and repaired or replaced under warranty shall be returned to the customer at our expense via the courier of our choice, where goods were purchased directly from FranchiseCare Pty Ltd.

Fault Free Warranty Claim

Goods that are found to be fault free will be returned to the customer at their expense and may attract a service fee of $45 depending on the item.


DOA procedures do vary depending on the manufacturer of the product. Please contact FranchiseCare Pty Ltd  warranty support lso that we can work with the Australian distributor directly. It is the manufacturer of the product who carries and determines warranty coverage.

Exclusions under warranty

FranchiseCare Pty Ltd will not be liable for loss of data, incidental and/or consequential damage caused by the use of their products and software. This includes any loss of data resulting from equipment failure. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to ensure adequate back-ups are taken regularly. FranchiseCare Pty Ltd will not be liable for time lost in downtime or subsequent labour charges caused by equipment or software failure or integration.

FranchiseCare Pty Ltd will not cover under warranty any item that has been mishandled, returned inadequately packed and/or otherwise interfered with by unauthorised personnel. The removal of any serial numbers, factory seals and/or warranty stickers will void warranty. Manufacturers’ charges related to voided time delays, handling warranty items shall be borne by Vendee. FranchiseCare Pty Ltd will not repair under warranty, damage caused by operation outside of designed working and storage environments, power surges, fluctuations and interference, and external peripheral devices.

The Company accepts no additional liability pursuant to this warranty for the costs or travelling, insurance or transportation of the Product or parts to and from the service agent or reseller. These costs are not included in this warranty.


Where an accessory or expansion item has the potential to negatively impact the warranty repair process, it may be necessary that any accessory or expansion item not warranted by FranchiseCare Pty Ltd be removed before presenting the Product for service. Products presented with accessories or expansion items not under warranty by FranchiseCare Pty Ltd may be returned unrepaired at the discretion of FranchiseCare Pty Ltd or its Authorised Service Centres. The company will endeavour to discuss with the customer prior to any action being taken as customer service.

Technical Advice

FranchiseCare Pty Ltd shall at all times offer advice or assistance in regards to product specification, performance and implementation. Such assistance is given without liability on FranchiseCare Pty Ltd’ side and is offered in good faith as customer service. Whether information is offered through verbal or other media FranchiseCare Pty Ltd accepts no liability.

PLEASE NOTE: When you visit the FranchiseCare Pty Ltd site, you accept this current dated T&C version.

Terms and Conditions dated xx November 2022